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Did you know that 1 in 6 experiences hunger?

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Happy Holidays!

#GivingTuesday is December 2nd

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Every $1 donated equals 4 meals. Donate to @LAFoodBank to help feed 100,000 people on #GivingTuesday (12/2/14).

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Celebrate 50 Years of Food Stamps

#snap4SNAP (via Center For Hunger Free Communities)

Fifty years ago America found it utterly appalling that hunger existed in our country – so horrific that people came together and legislators reached across the aisle to do something about it. To mark this important anniversary, on October 30th community members, advocates, and organizations will take to social media to talk about the importance of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly Food Stamps). 

Join in the conversation by tweeting and posting pictures and statements of what SNAP means to you with the hashtag #snap4SNAP.

The #snap4SNAP campaign aims to illuminate the real life experiences of SNAP recipients and give people a platform to talk about the program.  By using social media we can bring a dose of reality to conversation around SNAP.

Read more at the Center For Hunger Free Communities.

L.A. Food Bank’s Family Day w The WienerMobile!

Sharing The Joy
by Jo Stougaard

A day with the WienerMobile. How did THAT happen?

Last month I saw a photo of the WienerMobile on twitter and retweeted “on my BucketList“. In case you’re not familiar with the term, “bucket list” refers to something on a “list of things to do” in life. A few hours later I received an email from Kelsey (who works with Oscar Mayer) with “Ride in the WienerMobile” in the subject line.

WienerMobile at L.A. Food Bank for family dayAfter the initial shock and excitement (it really has been a dream since I was a kid!), I thought about upcoming events on my calendar. Perhaps a ride in the WienerMobile to a hot, new restaurant opening downtown? I was about to cover the L.A. Times Food Festival at Paramount Studios, so that was another option. If my nieces and nephews were still in grade school, I would’ve loved to surprise them with the giant hotdog on wheels. Better yet, how about a visit to the L.A. Regional Food Bank? THAT sounded perfect. L.A. Bites Hunger has been supporting the Food Bank via social media and special chef events, so it seemed a good fit. Both the Food Bank and Oscar Mayer thought so too.

The Food Bank had already scheduled a “Family Day” for September 27th, where volunteers as young as 5 years old could help sort and package food for local pantries. At 8am on the 27th, the giant, shiny WienerMobile pulled up and parked in front of the house. My husband Peter was probably more excited than I was and ran out before me. We met our “Hot Dogger” team, “Jess Cookin'” and “Spicy Salami Spencer”, who were so kind and kept us laughing with hot dog puns (put on your “meat belt”!) all day. The WienerMobile seats four guests, so we invited fellow L.A. Bites Hunger volunteers Susan and Chanel to ride with us. As we checked out the WienerMobile, neighbors stopped by to photograph and ask questions. It was amazing to see our normally subdued neighbors as giddy as we were.

Driving on the freeway was quite an adventure. People reacted the same as we passed them (fyi, the WienerMobile is fast!), total surprise, then pure joy as they tried to snap photos. When we exited the freeway downtown and neared the L.A. Food Bank, driver Spencer hit the horn for the first time. This is no regular car or truck horn mind you! When the button is pressed, the WienerMobile lets out the familiar first line of the classic song, “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener”.

After we parked at the Food Bank, we all went in for volunteer orientation and then to the warehouse for assignments. L.A. Bites Hunger helped pack backpacks for children on this visit. Besides sorting food for 670 local food pantries and hunger agencies, the Food Bank Backpack program guarantees that kids in need, who get free lunch on school days, have food over the weekend too. Hot Doggers Jess and Spencer jumped right in to volunteer with us, and it made for a super fun and satisfying morning.

Next we all headed out to the WienerMobile, where Jess and Spencer invited the families and employees to check out the vehicle, sit inside and take photos. Each person was given a “wiener whistle” of course, which made everyone (kids and parents) even happier.

WienerMobile Parking SignHuge thanks to Hot Doggers Jess and Spencer, WienerMobile and Kelsey at Olson (who initially contacted me). It was just an absolute pleasure to the share the joy.

Many more photos HERE.

The L.A. Regional Food Bank

How to become a Hot Dogger

Look Around.

Fact: 1 in 6 people in L.A. County suffer from food insecurity.

Please help support the L.A. Food Bank by following them on twitter (and sharing posts) or donating here.


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(Graphic via L.A. FoodBank)

Agencies serving free meals in L.A.

The L.A. Regional FoodBank posted a list of agencies serving FREE MEALS in L.A.

Please do share with friends or family in need. L.A. FoodBank Website


We’re supporting No Kid Hungry on May 10th!


There are still a few spots available.

Please email  jeremiahwilliamson@sbcglobal.net




Supporting the L.A. Food Bank

If you’d like to donate to the L.A. Food Bank, go to the website here.


Photos from our August 10, 2013 Volunteer event

NOTE: Many thanks to those inquiring about volunteering this weekend, but we are completely filled for the 11/16/13 volunteer event. Please follow @LABitesHunger on twitter for upcoming events.

L.A. HUNGER FACTS (from the Food Bank website): One in six people in Los Angeles County is at risk for hunger.  They are neighbors, children, seniors, families and friends. We help them by collecting food from various sources including retailers and farmers, and distributing it with the help of more than 650 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other agencies who supply it to those in need. When product is donated to the Food Bank, it often needs to be sorted, cleaned and repackaged. We call this gleaning. Volunteers are needed to assist with the gleaning process everyday.

Our mission (at L.A. Bites Hunger) is simple: To bring our food community together and bring awareness to our local food bank using social media, such as TwitterFaceBook and Instagram. Please support us by re-tweeting, liking and sharing with your friends and followers.

Note: For Every $1 Donated, The L.A. FoodBank Can Provide Enough Food For 4 Meals.


More about the Food Bank

Thank You Chef Laurent Quenioux!

LaurentLAbitesHungerShirtMany thanks to our friend Laurent Quenioux. He recently posted this instagram photo of uniforms for his London popup. We are so honored that his team will be wearing @LAbitesHunger shirts during the day shift!

Check out details on his London dinner series here. The popup is scheduled through 11/14/13.

Chef Laurent Quenioux on twitter.

L.A. Bites Hunger on Flickr.

Thanks again Laurent! Big hugs, Jo

September is HUNGER ACTION Month

What Is Hunger Action Month? (from FeedingAmerica.Org)
September is Hunger Action Month, when the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks unites to urge individuals to take action in their communities. It is our opportunity to create a movement that has a real and lasting impact on our mission to help end hunger in America.

Wear Orange for Hunger Action Month!HUNGER ACTION DAY:
On September 5, 2013, Feeding America kick off a month-long effort to turn the nation orange in support of hunger-relief. We encourage everyone to play a role and show your support by wearing orange! We’ll be sporting orange No Kid Hungry glasses and bracelets!

Please join L.A. Bites Hunger in supporting the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, No Kid Hungry and Feeding America

As individuals, charities, businesses and government, we all have a role to play in getting food to those in need.


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